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  The Association: What is it and what do they do?    
  What is it? What does it do? Who’s in it?
Quite simply, Summerhill Residents Association Ltd is a company with the purpose of maintaining the communal parts of the land and building for 1 to 35 Summerhill Way (odd numbers only). It's shares are equally distributed betwen the 18 leaseholders, who are 'Members' of the company. Any of the members can become 'Directors' following a vote by the other members. Here's some of the areas it is responsible for, all of which are for the communal areas only:

Cleaning of communal areas
Decorating inside and outside
Arranging repairs to communal areas
Windows & Doors
Car Park
Buildings Insurance

Becoming involved
Each leaseholder can have as much or as little involvement as they like and we warmly welcome everyone’s input. Level of involvement can range from informal discussions, e-mail suggestions, helping find good contractors and getting quotes. Voting at the AGM (annual general meeting) is the time to agree spending plans for the year ahead as well as what major works should be carried out. If you are a member of our Residents Association we would strongly encourage you attend these meetings. For those keen to take a more active role in the decision making process, becoming a director is the best way. If you own your flat, do consider getting involved. Why not contact us at for more information and to arrange an informal chat.